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Author of an academic book with the same publisher on ancient supplication, N. Through this lens N. References and notice of modern debates are relegated to end-notes. Characteristically of the book as a whole, in the interest of readability N. The material evidence also highlights the deficiencies of the ancient writings about Macedonian society to which the reader could usefully be more alerted as to the larger problem of the sources for Alexander himself, which the narrative scarcely discusses, although they are a topic of historical fascination in their own right.

In chs. Chapters take the narrative down to BC, with chapter-headings theming a succession of kingships Tyre, Egypt, and Babylon which Alexander now encountered, and his self-positioning in turn as the new occupant, as N. This focus generates discussions of the non-Greek religious systems of those parts including Jerusalem and Samaria too, although Alexander in person visited neither , and reconstructions of local religious rites in which Alexander is said to have participated.

In ch. A final chapter focuses on the long-term fate of the corpse. The Equals.

History of Alexander, Volume II

The Spartan Common Messes. Women at Sparta. Land Ownership at Sparta. Reproduction at Sparta.

The Age of Alexander: Nine Greek Lives by Plutarch

The Obligations of Spartans. Tyranny in the City-States. Tyranny at Corinth. Tyrants and Popular Support. Theseus and Democracy at Athens.

The Athenian Population in the Dark Age. The Beginnings of Athenian Democracy. The Institutions of Incipient Democracy. The Laws of Draco. Economic Crisis and Subsistence Agriculture. The Reforms of Solon. Solon and Democracy.

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Opposition to Democracy. Tyranny at Athens. The Struggle between Isagoras and Cleisthenes. The Democratic Reforms of Cleisthenes. Persuasion and Cleisthenic Democracy. Lyric poetry. The Ionian Thinkers. Near Eastern Influence on the Ionian Thinkers.

The Cosmos and Logos. Rational Thinking. Sources of Strife betweeen Athens and Sparta. Sowing a Seed of Conflict between Athens and Persia.

Alexander the Great

Persian Religion. Persian Religious Non-Interference. Revolt in Ionia. Persian Vengeance against Athens. The Battle of Marathon Announcing the Victory. Aftereffects of the Battle of Marathon. The Great Invasion of B. Greek Courage at Thermopylae. The Naval Battle of Salamis. End of the Persian Wars.

Political Freedom and Greek Courage. Spartan Approval of Athenian Leadership. A Permanent Structure for the Alliance. The Rebellion of Thasos. Athenian Self-Interest in Empire. The Reforms of Ephialtes. Athenian Radical Democracy. The Ostracism of Aristides. Ostracism and personal prominence. Periclean Foreign Policy. The Breakdown of Peace. Liturgies and Benefactions Benefactions by Cimon and his family.

Pericles' Acropolis. The Controversial Cost of the Periclean Program. The Parthenon The Parthenon's design. The Parthenon's special architecture.

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  • Sculpture on the Parthenon. The Significance of the Parthenon Frieze.

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    The Gods and Human Behavior. Sacrifices and Offerings. The Character of Sacrifices. Hero Cults. Belief and Ritual. The Performance of Tragedy. The Spectacle of Tragedy. Tragedy and the Polis Sophocles' Success.

    Sophoclean Tragedies and Athenian Empire. Sophocles' Ajax. Sophocles' Antigone. Developments in Free-Standing Sculpture Sculptors. Private Sculptural Commissions. The Sculpture of Myron and Polyclitus. Women's Lives at Home and at Work.