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This is slang.

Scottish sex terms you all need to know | Metro News

And he's my daddy. Fine, thanks for asking. And this isn't slang. Trashing the spaghetti. Pop goes the weasel.

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This isn't slang. It's a children's song, you perv.

Slang For Sex: 100 Obscure Sex Slang Terms That Need To Immediately Become Popular

Horizontal refreshment. Introducing Charlie.

Charlie is a sexy name. Not slang, but it's nice to meet you, Charlie. Grouting the kitchen tile. Definitely slang. You haven't lived until you've been grouted. Not slang, but thanks for the terrifying image. Midnight jockey ride. Not slang. Riding doesn't have to be sexual.

What slang words have this meaning?

Burying the hatchet. The Bounty Man can get it any day. Isn't that slang for something else? Feather bed jig. Feathers are kinky. Disappearing cane trick.


This is NOT slang. It's a magic act. The ensuing action would knock the shoes together repeatedly, creating noise and an enduring, weird slang for sex. Boink This word is supposed to evoke the sounds of mattress springs through its blending of the words "boing" and "bonk. Do the Humpty Hump Digital Underground popularized this phrase, obviously.

Shock G had an alter ego named Humpty Hump and gave himself a whole song where he got to yell, "do the Humpty Hump. Bone You can figure this one out, right? Getting jiggy with The entire decade was full of ridiculous idioms, but "getting jiggy" might just take the cake.

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Of course, the phrase has two connotations -- one merely implies dancing see: Big Willie Style while the other implies something seedier. This does not mean you should use it in either context. Bump uglies The origins on this, uh, lovely term, are hard to pin down. Slang experts place it in the '90s, but it's not clear exactly where it came from. Credit might go to House of Pain, which referenced it in '92 on the track "Feel It. Or someone might've noted that genitalia isn't that pretty before "Feel It" dropped. Hopefully, some noble linguist is on this very important case. Get your freak on This phrase was in use at least a decade before Missy Elliott got to it -- if you need evidence, look no further than LL Cool J's autobiography.

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  5. People initially said "get your freak on" to refer to more perverted or kinky stuff hence, "freak" but some used it as a more general catch-all term.