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Stochastic Processes and their Applications , Elsevier, , 10 , pp. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , Elsevier, , 1 , pp. On the placement of an obstacle so as to optimize the Dirichlet heat trace.


Pressure and shear stress caused by raindrop impact at the soil surface: Scaling laws depending on the water depth. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms , Wiley, , 41 9 , pp. A phenomenological model of cell-cell adhesion mediated by cadherins. Cvetic, G. Gibbons, C. D , , 94 10 , pp. Hamiltonian analysis of higher derivative scalar-tensor theories. Gainutdinov, N. Read, H. Healthy degenerate theories with higher derivatives. Aspherical Photon and Anti-Photon Surfaces.

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Absence of equilibrium chiral magnetic effect. D , , 93 10 , pp. JHEP , , 10, pp. Ring wormholes via duality rotations. Vortices and magnetic bags in Abelian models with extended scalar sectors and some of their applications. D , , 94 12 , pp. Degenerate higher derivative theories beyond Horndeski: evading the Ostrogradski instability.

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The Filippov characteristic flow for the aggregation equation with mildly singular potentials. Journal of Differential Equations , Elsevier, , 1 , pp. An inverse stability result for non-compactly supported potentials by one arbitrary lateral Neumann observation. Journal of Differential Equations , Elsevier, , 10 , pp. Null-controllability of the Kolmogorov equation in the whole phase space. Finite-time stabilization of a network of strings. Admissible initial growth for diffusion equations with weakly superlinear absorption.

Scalar field cosmologies with inverted potentials. Volovik, Mikhail Zubkov.

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New steps in walks with small steps in the quarter plane. Annals of Combinatorics , Springer Verlag, , 19 3 , pp. Transversal conics and the existence of limit cycles. Boisseau, H.

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Wigner—Souriau translations and Lorentz symmetry of chiral fermions.

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Journal of Differential Equations , Elsevier, , 5 , pp. ESR dating of fluvial terraces in the Moselle and Meurthe valleys france, germany : chronostratigraphical implications and methodological issues. Quaternaire , Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, , pp. A faster numerical scheme for a coupled system to model soil erosion and sediment transport. A simple well-balanced and positive numerical scheme for the shallow-water system. Communications in Mathematical Sciences , International Press, , 13 5 , pp. Grebenkov, L. Hillairet, L. Phun, R. Voituriez, et al.. Mean exit time for surface-mediated diffusion: spectral analysis and asymptotic behavior.


Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry , , pp. Hausdorff and harmonic measures on non-homogeneous Cantor sets.

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Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica , Academia Scientiarum Fennica, , pp. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , Elsevier, , 11 p. L-embedded Banach spaces and measure topology. On the uniqueness and stability of an inverse problem in photo-acoustic tomography. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , Elsevier, , 2 , pp.

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Black holes as gases of punctures with a chemical potential: Bose-Einstein condensation and logarithmic corrections to the entropy. Ordering Families using Lusztig's symbols in type B: the integer case. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics , Springer Verlag, , 41 1 , pp. Carleman estimates for elliptic operators with complex coefficients.

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Part I: boundary value problems. Some further estimates of the prolate spheroidal wave functions and their spectrum.. Localization and number of visited valleys for a transient diffusion in random environment. Asymptotic independence in large random permutations with fixed descent set. Black hole spectroscopy from Loop Quantum Gravity models. Pruning of CRT-sub-trees. Stochastic Processes and their Applications , Elsevier, , , pp. Numerical methods for one-dimensional aggregation equations.

Bilinear Strichartz estimates for the ZK equation and applications. Hidden Markov model for parameter estimation of a random walk in a Markov environment. Some simple but challenging Markov processes. Hunter, Michael Levine. Semi-parametric estimation for conditional independence multivariate finite mixture models. Complete minimal submanifolds of compact Lie groups.