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It's The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown

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There is child-appropriate wisdom in Peanuts. The strip, begun in and celebrated this October in a forthcoming essay collection from the Library of America, sometimes functions like a fable.

Its characters, when viewed with a blurring squint, are as archetypal as the donkeys, lambs, wolves, and lions that populate Aesop. Just as wolves always eat lambs if given the chance, so Lucy will always yank the football just as Charlie Brown attempts to kick it; such is the nature of wolves and Lucys. They help to assuage unconscious fears about growing up and finding a place in the world— real anxieties exaggerated and made grotesque.

In the latter, good generally wins out, however messily: Dragons get slain, witches are shoved into ovens, simpletons land fortunes, and so on. In Schulz, no one wins and everyone is thwarted, not only in love, but also on the baseball field or in the classroom or, where Snoopy is concerned, in the skies over World War I battlefields. Lucy remains forever crabby, her pleasure in humiliating Charlie Brown eternally fleeting. Linus will never see the Great Pumpkin rise on Halloween. Pigpen cleans up nicely, but it will be only a panel or two before he is once again filthy.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

One of my favorite strips, from , depicts Charlie Brown sitting alone on a curb. In the first panel, a few raindrops are falling. What do kids take away from all this bleakness? Coyote, Elmer Fudd, even that shill the Trix Rabbit. What I took away from Schulz is that life is hard. People are difficult at best, unfathomable at worst.

Justice is a foreign tongue.

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Charlie Brown is not mainstream. Overall, he is not a bad person to be around. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world , you are the Charlie Brown-iest.

Charlie Brown is the main character of the Peanuts comic strip. Charlie Brown has been around for 50 years or more. Charlie Brown is known as a permanent case of bad luck by most of his peers. Chuck is a lovable loser who seems to fail at almost everything he does. Even though he cannot kick a foot ball properly, or throw a good pitch in baseball, he will still be loved by all of the world.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Live On Stage

Someone who needs to tell Lucy VanPelt to fuck off and get a life. Lucy : Charlie Brown, you're so stupid! Charlie Browns food. The word for both of a mans testacles.