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In comparison to relational databases, the Entity Framework makes it easier to provide a strongly typed LINQ data access experience. This framework automatically generates lightweight. NET classes to map exactly in line with relational databases structures. Even mapping and the entity data model EDM can be controlled or customized as required.

It provides better platform interoperability and scalable data access. With it, its easier to retrieve, manipulate and modify data through data sharing consumer applications built on ADO.

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NET uses generic XML representations that provide a convenient method for effective transmission of data across any network. This even includes those networks that have restrictive parameters. NET also uses XML tools that make it easier to perform various tasks with a focus on hierarchical queries, validation or data transformation on rational data. SQL, is a relational database management system, that makes data storage or data retrieval tasks simpler. Our experience in old and new SQL server technology is simply unmatched. Iblesoft can provide you the solutions needed for effective enhancement of your business operations.

Just, get in touch with us today to learn more about our customizable solutions. At Iblesoft, we use result-oriented development methodologies to build solutions for our clients. Our methodologies are as follows:. Agile Software Development is a methodology that we use for creative processes because it lets us have the most flexibility. With Agile Development we can apply a level of pragmatism into product delivery. In order to do this we keep coding simple, test often and deliver functional fragments of the application as we develop it.

We then wait for client approval of the fragmented bits before continuing development. This is a different approach from the typical process of delivering the complete project first and then waiting approval from the client. Test-Driven Development TDD is a software development process that is based on repetition of the short development cycle.

Before implementing new features, the existing design is assessed to see whether it will enable the addition of the new functionality or not.

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This methodology involves the use of the general techniques of TDD, but with a focus on software tools to complete analysis and collaboration of the tasks for a functional design output. The specialized software tools in BDD can analyze and track behavioral changes during the development process of a software product or application.

This method allows us meet client requirements in a more effective way. It is particularly used for flexible and scalable web and smart applications among others. There are a large number of Javascript frameworks out there, but JQuery is still widely used. JQuery facilitates using Javascript for websites. It is a highly structured framework for dynamic web apps. Learn more about our AngularJS services here.

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Iblesoft posses extensive experience on all the Frameworks stated above alongside many other interrelated technologies to ensure quality development of your website, web app or business products. Most server-side development is usually based on. NET technology. For instance ASP. Iblesoft offers such ASP.

NET services to enhance businesses from all over the world.

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We can work with start-ups to small sized companies all the way to big enterprises and government organizations. However, our professional ASP. NET development team offers other services as well, including:. Type and press enter to search.

NET Development. Web Application Development Custom Coding:. Accepted file types: pdf, txt, docx, png. Work Anywhere, Anytime with Office Contact our professional consultants for more awesome Office benefits. Transform Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics. Small Business.

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Enterprise Business. NET Project. Contact Our Consultants. Application Management. Application Management is a key part of our business. Choose the Process that Works Best for You. Agile Process Waterfall Process. Reduce time to market. Reduce development costs. Integrate testing into the development process. Reduce maintenance and support costs. Launch in global markets faster and more cost effectively than in the traditional build-then-localize model.

Plan Requirement definition Functional specification Product release plan Project schedule. Design Detailed design Design reviews Test planning Updated schedule. Develop Features development Configuration management Testing code Documentation.

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A Business Requirements Document is then created. A BRD is essential to a successful project. This not only allows you, the client, to understand what you are buying but also allows the developer to construct an effective product that addresses your exact needs. Engage At this stage we will define the proposal and the pricing allocated to each area of development, providing specific project time and cost estimates.

The project milestones are discussed and any recommended changes or additions are made. This also includes meeting your assigned project team members. Most of our projects include at least 3 — 4 team members. Once a design comp and wire frame are approved we will begin to code. Test During this step we are able to review the progress and make recommendations on a live demo server. May me user-friendly is teh most serious of all arguments….

Have you tried to teach a new-comer programming? I have used both languages C and VB to teach newcomers programming.

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